Wingmaxx is provides friendly and healthy environment where everyone can grow and have better life. We are always adding new technologies in our knowledgebase and to sharpen it we are very thankful to Treehouse. We are using treehouse to keep our employees knowledge up to date and precise so that every job gets it desired quality of work

2+ years of experience in IT Services.

We have been working on more than 2 years and providing top notch services all over world. You can also be part of our wonderful journey which we started in 2015 and it continues till date.

Career growth opportunity.

We are working on many different technologies including frontend & backend and you have wide options to become rockstar in one of modern day technologies like AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS, Bootstrap, Material Design, PHP, Python etc.

Flexible corporate structure for balanced professional life..

We are able to create healthy & friendly corporate structure where employee can work with peace of mind. We are human and not all day are same so we provide work from home facility to our employee in urgency.

5 working days.

We are working on Monday to Friday of each month to provide better relaxation.

Respect for individuals who are working with us.

We value our each employee who value our core principles.

We are hiring